We build websites for politicians

We understand the unique needs and challenges of a political website. We can create branding based on your core positions, party affiliations, or smoothly integrate with any existing style guide. We know how to translate your profile into a unique and appealing online presence. We create online authority.


Every site is 100% original and unique

Every site we make is an original tailored to your profile – there’s no chance of being caught out with the same off-the-shelf design as your opponent or spoof site. Don’t risk the awful comedy of being told your cut-price web company has used the same off-the-shelf design as the local restaurant (or worse).


Displays perfectly on desktops, laptops, tablets, mini-tablets and smartphones

Non-desktop traffic nearing 50% on many popular sites. You need your site to display perfectly no matter who’s viewing, what they’re using or where they are. Our sites are all 100% responsive – that means they’re always readable, beautiful and professional no matter what devices you’re using. Try it right now: gradually drag your browser window smaller on this site and watch how it adapts.


Advice on social media and search engine optimization

The real-time focus of social media can make it dangerous territory. We can advise on how to best manage associated social media accounts; some of the management tools available, whether you should be on Facebook, Twitter or the host of other social options. We will tailor your site’s SEO (search engine optimization) to your target demographic and provide monthly Google Analytics traffic reports.


Technical issues, hosting and backups: boring

Boring: absolutely. But also absolutely vital. It’s something that we handle and you will never need to think about. And that’s the way it should be. We won’t bother you with any technical issues. Just be assured your site is secure, backed up, and running all the latest patches and updates.


Anywhere, any timezone

It doesn’t matter where or when you are in the world. We’ve built sites for clients in the US, Europe and Australia. Be it Skype, email, telephone or instant messaging, we’re ready to start work. Contact us now:

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